Ozlem Sorlu Thompson

Born in Istanbul, Özlem Sorlu Thompson paints in the flat where Piet Mondrian made his art studio in London. With Mondrian her influences also include the great expressionist artist Kandinsky and abstract surrealist Joan Miró.  Özlem’s works have already made their way into the homes of renowned celebrities such as actress Anita Dobson and her husband Brian May, musical theatre star Maria Friedman, actor Andy Nyman, and private collectors all around the world. She is one of seven leading artists whose designs are featured on giant fibreglass eggs for the Platinum Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022.

Prizes, Collaborations, Published Magazines &Art Books

The Art Newspaper article: ‘Eggs of an Era’ Exhibition for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022

Capsules Book, ‘Leaders of Contemporary Art’, Australia, 2021
Art Folio Annual Art Book, ‘World’s Most Exciting Artists’, USA, 2021
Coronart Art Book, Ludvigrage Club, 2021
Gravity Water Auction, California, USA, 2021
Orange Exhibition ‘Best in Show’ Award, Solo Exhibition, Artist’s Circle Gallery, 2021
‘Art is Life Vol III’ Art Book Feature, Texas, USA, 2021
House and Garden Magazine Features Issues of January, February, March 2021
Artist Talk Magazine, UK, 2020
Florence Contemporary Gallery, Art catalogue, 2020, Florence, Italy
The Flux Review, Q&A , UK,2020
Visionary Artistry Magazine, ‘The Alien Approach’, UK, 2020
Draw For Official Charity Project, UK, 2020
A Good Company, Sustainable Products Project, Canada, 2020
Penny Thoughts Magazine, UK, 2020
Art Hole Magazine, UK, 2020
Ikigai Magazine, UK, 2020
Candy Floss Magazine, USA, 2020
Niji Magazine, UK, 2020
Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, USA, 2020
Precious Magazine, ‘The Quarterly Art Exchange Selections Top 10 Awards’, Hong Kong, 2019
Art Olympia Japan, ‘Honourable Artist Mention’, Tokyo, 2019

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